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Services and fees

Created: 2014.03.14 / Updated: 2019.11.29 14:04

Issuance of repatriation certificate

17 GBP

Issuance/ replacement of passport

85 GBP

Legalization of documents

17 GBP

Lithuanian Apostille seal (per one document)

17 GBP

Attestation of a power of attorney, testament and etc.

26 GBP

Drafting of the legal documents (power of attorney, testament and etc.)

43 GBP

Certification of the authenticity of the copies of the documents (per page)


Certification of the authenticity of person’s signature on a document


Issuance of the consular certificate

26 GBP

Request of documents from the institutions of the Republic of Lithuania

17 GBP

Fee for processing a visa application

51 GBP

Fee for the processing a visa application for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, Serbia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan

30 GBP

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