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Lithuania's Ambassador to Russia officially informed that Russia was expelling members of the staff of the Lithuanian Embassy

Created: 2021.04.28 / Updated: 2021.04.29 05:42

On 28 April, the Head of Lithuania's Representation in Moscow Eitvydas Bajarūnas was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and handed a diplomatic note, stating that two members of the Embassy's staff - a diplomat and a civil servant - were to be expelled in response to the steps taken by an official Vilnius. Last Friday, two employees of the Russian Embassy in Vilnius were declared personae non gratae, because they had carried out activities incompatible with their diplomatic status, and were given seven days to leave Lithuania.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania draws attention to the fact that the two members of the Lithuanian Embassy's staff to be expelled from Russia have never carried out activities incompatible with their diplomatic status. The Foreign Ministry also hopes that Russia will change its aggressive foreign policy, stop accusing other states of escalating the situation, and, finally, hear the messages sent to it by the Western community.

On 17 April, the Government of the Czech Republic announced information about an unprecedented incident in the country - the explosions of ammunition depots in Vrbětice in 2014 - as well as clear evidence of Russia's involvement in the attack. In response to the findings, the Czech Republic is expelling 18 Russian spies operating under diplomatic guise in Prague and entire country. In a show of solidarity with the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia and Romania also announced they were expelling Russian diplomats.

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